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SmartCane device is an electronic travel Aid for persons with blindness jointly developed by IIT Delhi, Saksham and Phoenix Medical Systems with the support of Wellcome Trust.
It fits on a normal white cane and informs user about the presence of obstacles from knee to head height within a distance of 3 meters. It was released to people in March 2014; however, there were still one major unaddressed challenge. How to ensure that the device is available across the country along with training and support?

To address this Saksham and IIT started working on a 3 year joint project funded by Wellcome Trust. The idea was to create a network of partner organizations as well as trainers so that the device is available even in the remotest part of the country along with quality training and enable the users to start their journey of Safe and Independent mobility without the fear of collisions with the unknown obstacles.

Image of a smartcane

The project is currently in its final year and following milestones have been achieved.

  • More than 50 organizations across the country have joined the dissemination network.
  • Partners in more than 10 other countries (Japan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Mauritius, Uganda, Thailand, Kenya etc.) have been added.
  • More than 1000 trainers in India and 100 internationally have been trained to impart SmartCane training.
  • Training directly imparted to more than 3000 users through training workshops.
  • More than 70 workshops have been conducted in different parts of the country in collaboration with partner organizations.