Conference on Daisy forum of india

The DAISY forum of India (DFI) envisions a world where people with print disabilities have equal access to information and knowledge without delay or additional expense in their own language.
The DFI is a forum of Not for Profit organizations from India who are involved in production of books and reading materials in accessible formats for persons who cannot read normal print. Currently The DFI has, under the guidance of Mr. Dipender Manocha, the PRESIDENT OF DFI, a network of 132 organizations across the country, which includes institutions, NGOs (working for Persons with Print impairment), colleges, University, and corporate.
Saksham Trust has taken the lead role in the creation of DAISY Forum of India. The DAISY Forum of India is the first initiative of its kind in India. It is probably the first attempt made for bringing together producers and distributors of accessible reading material in the country.

DFI has made thousands of books produced across the country available to the users who earlier were able to access only those few books which were produced by organizations in their locality

SAKSHAM is the Secretariat of DFI which consists of 132 member Organizations PAN India

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