Online Braille Library   was dedicated  to the  Nation by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment which had for the first time a Common Catalogue of Accessible content produced  anywhere in India

Saksham Trust created for the first time a Common Catalogue of accessible content produced anywhere in India. Saksham’s efforts received support from the National Institute for the Visually Handicapped and now this common catalogue is being hosted on the Online Braille Library website –

This effort of Saksham is aimed at tackling two critical problems plaguing the efforts of providing reading material for the print impaired in India.

On one hand due to lack of coordination among various organizations engaged in accessible book production across the country very often the same book is produced at more than one centres. Since accessible format production (Braille, Talking Book, Large Print) is very expensive, this duplication of effort results in loss of valuable resources – time & money. Now with common catalogue in place, when a book is selected for accessible format conversion, the organization makes an entry in the common catalogue. Other organizations also look up this common catalogue and do not waste efforts on converting the books already being processed by other organizations. The participating organizations share the books they convert among themselves.

On the other hand, the visually impaired community had no way of searching catalogue of accessible books available with organizations in different states. Now they can search for the books they want to read on the common catalogue and order for it with the organizations possessing the book wherever it may be located.

Languages in which books are available

Hindi,English,Marathi,Kannada,Gujarati,Urdu,Punjabi,Bengali,Telugu,Tamil,Sanskrit,Assamese,Malayalam,Catalan,MiddleEnglish,English and Hindi,Czech,Dutch,Hebrew,Inuktitut,Serbian,English/Hindi,Spanish.

Area Covered – PAN India.